User’s Guide:


The goal of the ie blog, is to be your go-to source for inspiration that is authentic, credible and worthy of telling your friends about because I realize that when we are at our most vulnerable, we need to reach out and stand on hope and direction that can not only withstand the weight of our challenges but is strong and true enough to help carry us over!

So here’s how it goes…

Mondays– For inspiration to get you started and get it done!

Wednesday- For inspiration to remind you to appreciate who and where you are right now and most importantly to share ideas on what you can do for someone else.  It’s also a day for the senses, to see, hear and experience the beautiful!

Throwback Thursday– Will take you back to a memorable and inspirational moment in time…enjoy!

Friday– For inspiration that’s just cool, and often unbelievable!

Me…- Where I share family and happenings and journal my path and my revelations to purposeful greatness!

You will notice that I don’t usually comment about something I’ve posted because I don’t want to sway what the message is for you; just know that if its here, it has the power to evoke change in what we do, think, feel and how we live our lives.

And check out my Sidebar Features for additional sources of inspiration…these change periodically so check back from time to time!

I’m so glad you’re here…sit and stay for awhile and then go…start a life of purposeful greatness- a greatness that is measured more by what you’ve helped others to accomplish than by what you’ve accomplished yourself!!



6 thoughts on “User’s Guide:

  1. This is an antidote to our busy lives, I believe we sometimes forget to just be, to appreciate the gifts we have been given, the beauty in our world goes unnoticed, thank you for grounding our true beings 🙂

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