Meditation is simply directed concentration, and involves learning to focus your awareness and direct it onto an object: your breath, a phrase or word repeated silently, a memorized inspirational passage, or an image in the mind’s eye. The benefits of meditation are numerous, and include:

1. Helping to lower blood pressure
2. Decreasing heart and respiratory
3. Increasing blood flow
4. Enhancing immune function
5. Reducing perception of pain  and relieving chronic pain due to arthritis and other disorders
6. Maintaining level mood
7. Bringing awareness and mindfulness to everyday aspects of life                                                                                                                                                                     

Deepak Chopra Meditation– One of My Favorites!

The Spirit of COURAGE

I have decided to make the subject of this week’s posts about courage. Courage -is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.(Wikipedia). Courage has often eluded me from time to time throughout my life. I have managed however to call upon it during some of my most challenging life moments, like standing up to my parents at age 21, when they wanted me to abort my pregnancy because I wasnt married and they didnt approve of the father. And 10 years later when I managed to free myself and my then 10 year old son & 5 month old daughter from an abrusive relationship…That was a great day! (My parents were right not to approve of him).

Courage is a wonderful thing…it always, always leads to something better.  However, its evil nemesis “fear” still holds me hostage at times….fear of succeeding, fear of not succeeding, fear of knowing, fear of not knowing…it gets exhausting!  But what is the most concerning are those fears that keep me from taking care of my physical health. Im 48 and have not had a mammogram ( it took courage to even write that down).   So…. it is my intention (and intention is everything) to call on the spirit of courage to free myself from the fears that have kept me from living my very best life. I can do this…you can too !

Be Brave!