Its Friday, Act Like It!- The Mandela Spirit

I am amazed at how there are these people who come into the world just like we do, of a mother and father;

but unlike most of us, at some point in their lives, they come to this unequaled realization that their sole purpose for being here is for the salvation of a people… of humanity.

Just the thought of the immensity of the life and spirit Nelson Mandela puts in prospective that even though he is gone, we are still here and I think we are all graced with a certain portion of the Mandela Spirit.

And it is our responsibility to continue in our purposes whatever our contribution and to do so gladly.



Deepak & Oprah-21 Day Meditation Challenge

Ooprah deepak2

Im looking for a few members of my blogging family to join me for the Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge- Perfect Health which begins on March 11th!  I have participated in past meditation challenges and I must say that I really begin to look forward to each day of the challenge.  I have dedicated a page “Dont Meditate Alone”  to share our experiences and comments as we go through each day of meditation.

Click here or the Image to Register

Lets share this experience together! Are You In?