There is Comfort in Knowing There is Something You Can Do!

When I started my business, even though I had and still have so much to learn, I was resolved and comforted that I knew that helping people to find their path and giving them the keys to make it happen, was something I knew how to do. This knowing is what continues to push me over Every. Single. Hurdle. Everyday!

But I understand that coming to this clarity takes time, courage, and skills and this is the short list!  This is why the very first thing I wanted to do when I started out was to create a simple but impactful guide to help get you over the hump, to get you to a place where you can at least begin to believe that it is possible!

I wrote How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!, to lay out a practical and common sense guide to getting over fear, mystery and doubt and all the other crap that has tried to make you believe that you can’t do IT! 

How to Begin to Believe, is 22 pages of clean, concise and compassionate information written with the heart of someone who knows that in your quiet moments, you are wondering and wanting more!  I was there!  I was once literally alone, on the floor and in tears feeling like, “what the f*ck  am I doing?!” I knew I had to drastically change the course of my life and stop that negative patterns that I was repeating day in and day out.

I knew there were things I knew how to do and that doing these things would help me to have a better life. But because I lacked a plan of action that would help me to undo a history of bad habits, bad decisions and a lack of confidence, I could never get to them!

Once I was able to reconnect to my spiritual self, I was then able to create a doable step by step plan that eventually got me out and on course finally and for good!

And it’s important to know going in that this process takes time, but you have to start, so start here!

 How To Begin To Believeis for those of us who not only struggle to get things done but struggle with believing we can do it in the first place. I wrote this from a place of knowing what it’s like to see a goal in the distance but not know exactly how to get there. It’s for those of us who struggle with self-doubt, a lack of confidence and sound prayerful direction.

 And there’s is one thing I can guarantee and that is, if you don’t believe you can do it, then you probably won’t.  So, here are my best strategies so far on not only how to begin to believe but how to see it through and get it done!

How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It – $5.00- Download Now!

a dream for you, a dream for you and a dream for you!


Illustration by Maurice Sendak from ‘I’ll Be You and You Be Me’ by Ruth Krauss, 1954.

Check out the article from one of my favorites sites, Brain Pickings entitled,  “Happy Birthday, Brain Pickings: 7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Reading, Writing, and Living”.  It shares some of the best advice I have read in 1000 words or less on how to live a life that will give birth to our dreams!

Click the image for more on ‘I’ll Be You and You Be Me’ by Ruth Krauss


How to Begin to Believe -Step 2: Forgiveness

bonsai-fb6Here is a small excerpt from my soon to be released eBook, How To Begin To Believe, 12 Steps To Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could !

Step 2: Forgiveness

“Forgiving ourselves can often be harder than forgiving others.   We can sometimes carry the heavy burden of guilt and disappointment for years for something we did, didn’t do or failed at doing.  The inability to forgive ourselves is unhealthy and keeps us anchored to the past and unable to move forward. Here are a few practices to help you to begin to let yourself off the hook and forgive yourself for anytime you have ever fallen short…”

A Forgiveness Mantra:

“I forgive myself for what I’ve done and for all I didn’t do and embrace all the good that lies ahead”…Click to Tweet!

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