Hump Day Wednesday- What Is Impossible?– “is a new website and app that encourages people to do things for others for free. People can post wishes of things that they want or need help with and offer what they can give – can be things or skills. Impossible shows these wishes and offers and people can connect with one another. You can also create thank you posts to send people.”

Hump Day Wednesday: Take What You Need!

take what you need 2

Today, I need the strength of spirit and mind to get some things done that I have been putting off for awhile.  I’m pulling my strength from God and knowing how important these things are and how getting them done will make things better for someone other than myself.

I’ve also found that, if we give what it is we need to someone else, we soon realize that we were never without it in the first place. Click to tweet!

What do you need today?!

Mesothelioma Awareness Day – Heather’s Story

Mesothelioma Awareness Day- September 26, 2013

Heather Von St James, “Courageous Mother, Wife and Survivor of Mesothelioma” contacted me and ask that I join her in spreading hope and being a voice for the victims  of mesothelioma. After a little research, I said of course. Check out Heather’s story here and here.  I hope you join us!