There is Comfort in Knowing There is Something You Can Do!

When I started my business, even though I had and still have so much to learn, I was resolved and comforted that I knew that helping people to find their path and giving them the keys to make it happen, was something I knew how to do. This knowing is what continues to push me over Every. Single. Hurdle. Everyday!

But I understand that coming to this clarity takes time, courage, and skills and this is the short list!  This is why the very first thing I wanted to do when I started out was to create a simple but impactful guide to help get you over the hump, to get you to a place where you can at least begin to believe that it is possible!

I wrote How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!, to lay out a practical and common sense guide to getting over fear, mystery and doubt and all the other crap that has tried to make you believe that you can’t do IT! 

How to Begin to Believe, is 22 pages of clean, concise and compassionate information written with the heart of someone who knows that in your quiet moments, you are wondering and wanting more!  I was there!  I was once literally alone, on the floor and in tears feeling like, “what the f*ck  am I doing?!” I knew I had to drastically change the course of my life and stop that negative patterns that I was repeating day in and day out.

I knew there were things I knew how to do and that doing these things would help me to have a better life. But because I lacked a plan of action that would help me to undo a history of bad habits, bad decisions and a lack of confidence, I could never get to them!

Once I was able to reconnect to my spiritual self, I was then able to create a doable step by step plan that eventually got me out and on course finally and for good!

And it’s important to know going in that this process takes time, but you have to start, so start here!

 How To Begin To Believeis for those of us who not only struggle to get things done but struggle with believing we can do it in the first place. I wrote this from a place of knowing what it’s like to see a goal in the distance but not know exactly how to get there. It’s for those of us who struggle with self-doubt, a lack of confidence and sound prayerful direction.

 And there’s is one thing I can guarantee and that is, if you don’t believe you can do it, then you probably won’t.  So, here are my best strategies so far on not only how to begin to believe but how to see it through and get it done!

How to Begin to Believe- 12 Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It – $5.00- Download Now!

Denzel Washington on Dreams & Goals

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How to Begin to Believe

I know it’s hard to have a dream in the back of your mind and the bottom of your heart and feel like it’s never going to happen; How To Begin To Believe will help you to acquire the skills and habits to get started and get it done!

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What If You Could Begin to Change the Course of Your Life By Following 12 Practical Steps?

How To Begin To Believe-

12  Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!

… is my new e-book created specifically for those of us who not only struggle to get things done but struggle with believing we can do it in the first place!

I wrote this from a place of knowing what it’s like to see a goal in the distance but not know exactly how to get there. It’s for those of us who struggle with believing that we can accomplish our dreams. And there’s is one thing I can guarantee and that is, if you don’t believe you can do it, then you probably won’t.

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How To Begin To Believe

After living through years of an abusive relationship, I was able free myself from a life of fear and abuse, finish college, raised millions of dollars as the executive director of a non-profit serving to the needs of the under-served, buy a home of my own and marry the true man of my dreams! You can read more about the challenges I’ve overcome here!

The fact is, no matter how great or small, accomplishing anything begins with having the basic and fundamental belief that you can do it!  Our ability to believe in ourselves dictates the quality of our lives and the extent to which we can be of service to others.  But very often we can be hindered by how we are perceived by others and most importantly, how we perceive ourselves.

From time to time we may find ourselves wrestling with indecisiveness, self-doubt,  procrastination, laziness and/or a lack of self worth.  And far too often live in sacrifice to those we love and those who sign our paychecks, rarely making our own personal needs a priority.

I’ve spent the last year studying the power of believing and the greatness it can cause.   And here are my best strategies so far on not only how to begin to believe but how to see it through and get it done greatly!

As a part of your 12 Essential Steps progress, you’ll find inside :

      • An excellent and exciting tool that will allow you to collaborate with your friends and family as you make your way through this process!
      • Practical and Spiritual Steps that are Doable and Effective!
      • Access to Personal Support if you need it.
      • No B.S, No Fluff!

Here is a sneak peek!

How to Begin to Believe- Sneak Peek!

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How To Begin To Believe

The Business of Making Us Better: How to Avoid Being Frustrated, Disappointed, Disillusioned and Broke!


 “To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” –Douglas Adams

As the New Year rolls out, I had a revelation while I was doing my usual research on coaches, websites, writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs in the business of making us better.  And this revelation really got me pretty worked up so if I appear to rant, forgive me.

 What I realized was this.

There are thousands of people online in the business of making us better, professing to have the solutions for our happiness and success.

And among those I’ve researched, I noticed a few commonalities and maybe you have noticed them too.

They are that most are women with unrealistically beautiful hair and makeup. They’re very polished and appear to be overwhelmingly happy with big smiles and beautiful kids, husbands and lots of friends and live these amazingly wonderful lives all the time…bs!

And if you just subscribe to their site you’ll get some great free stuff! But if you want the real answers then you’ll have to sign up for their program designed specifically for you and pay a lofty one-time fee, or take advantage of their discounted payment plan which will only be offered for a limited time; so get in now!….sound familiar?

But as you find your way through their well-thought out pitches and strategically-placed graphics, you read that’s there’s a waiting list because they’re so great at what they do that everyone wants to get on board with them, so you gotta wait…unexpected bs!

My point here is not to discredit anyone but let’s be for real! Just like any business you have people who are in the business because it’s who they are and they run their business with the sincere intention of making people better.  And then, there are those that are simply in it for the money!

I mean, I understand that everybody has to make a living and if you got it like that, and you have no problem sleeping at night, then gurl, make your money!

But shame on you!

As a woman I realize that when we are at our most vulnerable, we need to reach out and stand on hope and direction that can not only withstand the weight of our challenges but is strong and true enough to help carry us over.  And these women know full well the weight or our challenges. But they bank on us diving in head-on, heart first and eyes closed!

The reality is you do pay for what you get and everyone’s work has value! But we don’t have time or money to waste on anything and anybody whose only true intentions are to get in our pockets!

So how do we wade through all the bs. and actually find what’s real? How do we avoid wasting our time and money on sh*t that’s just gonna leave us more frustrated, disappointed, disillusioned and more broke than we were before we clicked “pay now”?!

Ladies, it is up to us to establish our own criteria for vetting those we select to help make us better.  Moreover, we have to continue to question what and who we’re gonna believe and why before we put out a dime!

But the truth is, sometimes we want it so bad, that we let down our guard and become completely exposed and vulnerable in every way.

Instead, try this….

1. Keep your sense of God given intuition and wisdom open and turned on.  When turned on, females have a natural bullsh*t meter that goes off whenever someone is being insincere or deceptive. The challenge is when we get really passionate about something or someone; we can sometimes ignore the signs and then its too late!. So, stay tuned in and turned on, it will never let you down!

2. Make a list of all the people, male or female who have made a major impact in your life or who you have greatly admired; then make a list of their character traits and why they made such an impact on you. Now look for an inkling of these traits in anybody that you do business with. If they don’t resemble one of the “greats” in your life in some way, move on!

3. Ask yourself, “Is this how I’d do business?”

Make sure that whoever you’re considering doing business with is going about it in a way that doesn’t conflict with your own sense of decency, appropriateness, ethnics, honesty and compassion. And if they are doing business like you would, you’ll feel a greater sense of “success” even if it appears different from what is expected and that’s ok!

4.      Can you really afford it? Get Creative!

Even if it everything really sounds good and seems to be the right fit but you have to rob Peter to pay Paul to afford it, stop! You’re just creating a problem that you’re going to have to deal with sooner or later. And it kinda puts a negative light on what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place.

If it’s right now, then it will still be right when you can afford it. Here are a few ideas.

  • Create a mini savings’ plan and begin to set aside a small amount over a period of time until you have what you need.
  • Contact the person providing the service and share with them how passionate you are about their program and ask if they have any other affordable options that would allow you to participate.
  • Do a small crowd fund project on your blog or facebook and ask your friends or followers to invest in your dream.
  • Keep looking. You may find something similar for free or more affordable somewhere else.

So that’s it!

Checkout more like this on my new blog !


2013: What Worked and Why


If I am completely honest and I always try to be; I conquered lot of sh*t last year! I was brave, patient, detailed, intentional, tenacious, creative, diligent, self-analyzing, tearfully grateful, forceful, quiet, optimistic, prayerful, supplicating and a little wired most times.

And here’s what it got me!

  1. My blog inspirationenergy is successful by my own terms. I’m always so amazed when I think about how far I’ve come over the last year when it comes to my ability to make it happen!  I mean, I was at zero capability when I started blogging and today, I found my voice,  have I pretty good following and  on my way to building my business of helping people to lead a better life!
  2. I started this new blog believebegreat which as I mentioned above, is my “business blog” where I help people get started, overcome hurdles, and get it done greatly! Now this was no easy feat for me! There are so many behind the scenes steps and decisions you would not believe… but I DID IT!
  3. I wrote the book How to Begin To Believe- 12 Steps to Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could! (To Be Released This Year). You can catch a sneak peek here!
  4. I read a lot about how to be better in general. I will share these resources with you in a later post.
  5. I began a healthier life path for myself, specifically, diet and exercise, more to come on this later as well.
  6. My household in terms of order is pretty much on track, it’s not perfect, but it’s recognizableJ!  I found that the more organized I had to be for my work, the more organized I had to be in general. Organization is a big deal, I have some important posts coming on this soon!
  7. My girls are great! Now, I’m not taking credit for THEIR accomplishments but when they called on me, I was there!  I was also there when they didn’t call on me, but that’s the kind of Mama I am! Some of the challenges we met last year were: Bullying, Strength and Faith, Standing Up for what you believe in, Prioritizing, Parenting, Friendships, Boys, and Appropriateness.
  8. My marriage…well 3 out of 4 ain’t bad! Just kidding! All is well on the marriage front. Not that this year was a breeze because it wasn’t; we worked through it. Some of our most intense conversations centered on subjects like; Does love change? Is this a Me problem or a We problem?  How long does the momentum lasts before we need another push?

I think these things worked because…check out the end of the post  at believebegreat!


How to Begin to Believe -Step 1: Gratitude

bonsai-fb6How To Begin To Believe, 12 Steps To Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could is for those of us who have not only struggled to get things done but struggled with believing we could do it in the first place. I wrote this from a place of knowing what it’s like to see a goal in the distance but not know exactly how to get there.

Here is small excerpt from Step 1- Gratitude!

“Before taking on anything new, take a quick assessment of gratitude for what you have and who you are right now . Having a spirit of gratitude on the onset creates a metaphoric airbag that allows you to survive those moments of perceived disappointment and failure. ”

Gratitude reminds us that we are greater and more worthy than we ever imaged. Click to Tweet!

So be sure to follow me here at inspirationenergy- (over in the sidebar) or on twitter so that you will be notified as soon as it’s released and pay what you want for your copy!

What I Know Now: Vetting For Authenticity

So, have you ever tried to do something and failed?…ok, stupid question.   I tried at least 3 times to start the inspirationenergy blog on 3 other hosts sites, all of which were complete FAILS!  I must admit that while in the process of these complete fails, there was something about these moments that just didn’t feel right, there was a little voice, saying no, this isn’t it. But I ignored that little voice every time because it worked for my co-workers’ cousin who recommended it very highly and it was the host site of my favorite blog, so it should work for me…right?! No, instead, I wasted a lot of time, got very discouraged and almost gave up.

What I know now is… before venturing into a project or goal of any kind, it has to survive a process I call “vetting for authenticity” which is a fancy way of asking the question, “Is this right for me?”

So here’s how it works, ask yourself of this goal/project etc. the following series of questions:

1. Why do I want to do this thing in the first place? – If the answer doesn’t include a greater purpose other than yourself  then this is cause for reconsideration! Either stop now or figure out how doing this thing can be of benefit to someone else.

2. Do important aspects of this thing marry important fundamentals of who you are as a person, woman, mother, vegan, Christian, etc.?  If not, either stop Now or be prepared to explain to your mother why you’re breaking her heart!

3. Does starting/completing this project compliment other important aspects of my life i.e., scheduling, cost, sacrifice of family time etc. If the sacrifices appear to be too great, you may not have to give up; instead, consider narrowing your scope of work – break the project down into smaller steps and give yourself more time to get it done.

4. Do you currently possess the knowledge and skill to accomplish the goal/project? If not, do you have the patience and tenacity, to research, study and practice until you get it done. If not, see question #1

5. Do you get excited by the mere thought of working on this project as much and as long as necessary until the job is done? If not, see question #1

6. Is this thing an extension of who you are and what my life is about? If not, again,  see question #1

7.  Are there any small voices in your head telling you you’re going the wrong way?  …listen to this voice, something’s wrong. Go back to question #1 and start again.

So, in summary , what I know now is …authenticity is a preservative force and in order to increase the chances of long, sustainable success at anything, it must be authentic to who and what you are, be broad in purpose and worthy of the  time and sacrifice needed to get it done !