Deepak & Oprah-21 Day Meditation Challenge

Ooprah deepak2

Im looking for a few members of my blogging family to join me for the Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge- Perfect Health which begins on March 11th!  I have participated in past meditation challenges and I must say that I really begin to look forward to each day of the challenge.  I have dedicated a page “Dont Meditate Alone”  to share our experiences and comments as we go through each day of meditation.

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Lets share this experience together! Are You In?


21 Day Meditation Challange- Creating Abundance

I am inviting my blog family to join me in The Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge- Creating Abundance. I have participated in a previous meditation challenges. They are very helpful and helped to begin a practice of meditation.  Day 1- is the Reality of Abundance. You can also register here.  Please let me know how you it enjoy it!