HuMP Day WednesDay: “It Needed To Stop”: My Daughter Takes On Bullying”

Last week my 10 year old daughter’s school counselor called me. She begin to tell that Sundari was there in her office. She was reporting bullying that was taking place with her and some of her friends. The counselor said that she said “enough is enough “and she wanted it to be over.

I cant say how proud I am of this little girl. She still doesn’t get how important a thing it is that she had the courage to report the bullying. Coincidentally, she reported the bullying the same day that it was reported that a young girl had killed herself because she was being bullied so severely. I agree, it needs to stop!

So I asked her if she wouldn’t mine sharing a little about what she did with you guys.

Summer 2013!

Summer 2013 is over. But here in Miami its almost impossible to tell one season from the next, they all feel like Summer! So, here at my house this Summer as been wonderfully busy and full of surprises!

This year my baby girl said good bye to fourth grade. We have this tradition at the end of every school year where we release a balloon in the air as a symbol to mark the end of that school year and to announce the beginning of Summer vacation!



This Summer Sundari attend Miami Children’s Theater where she played the Pink Fairy- Flora in Sleeping Beauty and she play Grace in Annie!

Sundari as Flora and Grace

 Broadway, here she comes!

Now my oldest daughter Jeannie turned 17 over the Summer, took her graduation pics and got her first job!

JEANNIE SUMMERIsnt she beautiful?   Boy, she’s growing up fast!! Did I mention she is an excellent dancer, one of the best in her school!!

Summer goes so fast and so do our kids. Before you know it they’ll be grown and gone but for now they are in their rooms safe and sound enjoying their Labor Day vacation.  I have to remind myself to breathe in every moment!

More About Me

me 6

I was born and raised in the 100 year old community of Goulds, in Miami, Florida and I am the last of 7, 3 sisters and 3 brothers.  My parents were married for 50 years before my mom went home to be with God in the summer of 2006. My mother grounded us in the Word of God, teaching us to never under estimate ourselves; that “through God , all things are possible”.  My father never earned more than $6 per hour, driving a truck for a building supply company for nearly 30 years.  He taught us the importance of hard work, family and sacrifice.

My first serious relationship lasted 10 years and ended in abuse. Though my body was battered and bruised, my mind was clear and my spirit was strong and renewed because I reached out and held on to the ropes of prayer, faith and perseverance laid out for me by my parents.  By this time, I had a 10 year old son and a 5 month-old baby daughter, it was 1996.

I earned a BA in Psychology from Florida International University and began my career in community service in 1993 after Hurricane Andrew.  Since then, I have counseled, cared for, advised and advocated for the people of the communities of South Miami Dade.  Most notably during this time, I served as the executive director of a local grass root non-profit community development corporation. There I worked to raise millions of dollars to bring in brick and mortar to build and rebuild our homes, businesses and preserve our historic sites. I helped to resuscitate the heart of a Community that was rich in history but overwhelmed by neglect and oversight.  But most importantly I helped restore the confidence of the people to begin to believe in themselves and each other so that together, we could meet the challenges that lied ahead.

In 2004, I married a good man. Hallelujah! He also works in community service, helping to rebuild some of the neediest communities in South Dade. He is a great father, wise and devotedly loyal to God, family friends …I did good !  We have a daughter together who represents the best of both of us and has the biggest heart in the world.  My middle daughter is compassionate, a talented dancer and an advocate for anything  with fur, feathers or four legs and my son is the oldest and a gifted musician and composer (when he can get the work:), ask him for the shirt off his back and it’s yours.

At age 49, I launched inspirationenergy the blog, to offer practical and insightful advice and resources to anyone struggling to find their way to and through anything, to remind us to make it a practice to be grateful for where we are and what we have right now; to make us laugh and smile and even cry sometimes, to celebrate us at our very best and to be a source of prayer and reflection when we are at our worst, but most of all, inspirationenergy exists to remind us that in all we come to know and do, we are here to serve, there is no greater purpose than this.   -Robin

It Happened!!!

It happened!  Effective July 19, 2013, I along with my co workers will be LAID OFF!  I have worked for four non profits over the past 25 years and funding is always a challenge and is very much the down side of working in this arena.

Nevertheless, here I am and the question now is, do I bury myself into hunting for new job or do I practice what I preach and commit myself to my passion, to doing what I love…inspirationenergy!  Armed with  the overwhelming call to live beyond my intentions, I am prayerfully and faithfully choosing the latter!  Am I scared? Yes!! But I have a greater fear of not making the most of this moment …right now!

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on and now have the time to make happen sooner rather than later here at inspirationenergy;

=How to Begin to Believe…- Ebook Series

Beginning with , How to Begin to BelieveYou Can Do It! – (Available for Download December 2013)

=Motivational Speaking

Ok, so for a season, you will notice lovely donation buttons ran through PayPal on inspirationenergy; if you ever find joy or value in inspirationenergy, please consider supporting the site with a donation either small enough to keep me in pens or large enough to replace my journals which will fill up quickly with ideas and inspiration to move us forward!

Thank you for your support of inspirationenergy and for believing in me…it means everything!
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What I Know Now: Vetting For Authenticity

So, have you ever tried to do something and failed?…ok, stupid question.   I tried at least 3 times to start the inspirationenergy blog on 3 other hosts sites, all of which were complete FAILS!  I must admit that while in the process of these complete fails, there was something about these moments that just didn’t feel right, there was a little voice, saying no, this isn’t it. But I ignored that little voice every time because it worked for my co-workers’ cousin who recommended it very highly and it was the host site of my favorite blog, so it should work for me…right?! No, instead, I wasted a lot of time, got very discouraged and almost gave up.

What I know now is… before venturing into a project or goal of any kind, it has to survive a process I call “vetting for authenticity” which is a fancy way of asking the question, “Is this right for me?”

So here’s how it works, ask yourself of this goal/project etc. the following series of questions:

1. Why do I want to do this thing in the first place? – If the answer doesn’t include a greater purpose other than yourself  then this is cause for reconsideration! Either stop now or figure out how doing this thing can be of benefit to someone else.

2. Do important aspects of this thing marry important fundamentals of who you are as a person, woman, mother, vegan, Christian, etc.?  If not, either stop Now or be prepared to explain to your mother why you’re breaking her heart!

3. Does starting/completing this project compliment other important aspects of my life i.e., scheduling, cost, sacrifice of family time etc. If the sacrifices appear to be too great, you may not have to give up; instead, consider narrowing your scope of work – break the project down into smaller steps and give yourself more time to get it done.

4. Do you currently possess the knowledge and skill to accomplish the goal/project? If not, do you have the patience and tenacity, to research, study and practice until you get it done. If not, see question #1

5. Do you get excited by the mere thought of working on this project as much and as long as necessary until the job is done? If not, see question #1

6. Is this thing an extension of who you are and what my life is about? If not, again,  see question #1

7.  Are there any small voices in your head telling you you’re going the wrong way?  …listen to this voice, something’s wrong. Go back to question #1 and start again.

So, in summary , what I know now is …authenticity is a preservative force and in order to increase the chances of long, sustainable success at anything, it must be authentic to who and what you are, be broad in purpose and worthy of the  time and sacrifice needed to get it done !

What I Know Now….”No Questions, Codes or Passwords Needed!”

bonsai-fbNo Questions, Codes or Passwords Needed!

Ok…so there I was thinking that all I needed to move forward were the Right tools or what I thought were the right tools, in order  to begin my journey to creating inspirationenergy.  I needed a smart phone, ipod, etc. then my blog would look as good as all of the other blogs I admired, with all the pretty images and fonts and pages etc.  And surely, I needed tweeting capacity, facebook, instagram-a-bility…all that, and if I got all this stuff, I’d be GREAT!  So off I went! I purchased the best phone, tablet etc  that my money could buy…greatness was just one click away!

So, there I was, at my computer with all my new gadgets, on and fully charged and…I’m waiting …and waiting …expecting that somehow greatness was going to jump from all my fancy expensive gadgets to the computer screen and instantly inspirationenergy would be born and I would have a million followers and Oprah would be calling me to give a Master Class!!  Needless to say, this didn’t happen.

What I know now is my most valuable tool (outside of myself) was with me all along…they are my pencils and writing journals!  My journals are filled with all of my ideas, resources, dreams, secrets, lists, mistakes, thoughts, goals and challenges and held everything I needed to get me on my way!  They have no battery life, you don’t need a contract to own them, there are no monthly fees, you don’t have to register or subscribe to have access to them, they come in an infinite number of colors, sizes and styles, they are relatively hard to loose and they’re always there waiting for me whenever I need them….no questions, codes or passwords needed!

Don’t get me wrong, we all know that fancy gadgets have their place but don’t fool yourself into thinking that once I get this or have that, that…THEN, I can make things happen!  What I know now is that you have everything you need NOW to accomplish what can be accomplished at this moment and if you can just start there, you’re way ahead of the game. -Robin


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