Leonise Sings Praises to the Most High

She’s singing about being Thankful for the life she has.
“This is Leonise as she stands in front of the small home in Haiti she shares with 11 other family members. Leonise’s angelic voice and endearing story of an impoverished yet appreciative life were brought to light by San Antonio’s KENS5 morning news anchor Sarah Forgany during a recent visit to Leonise’s Haitian Village.”


How to Begin to Believe

I know it’s hard to have a dream in the back of your mind and the bottom of your heart and feel like it’s never going to happen; How To Begin To Believe will help you to acquire the skills and habits to get started and get it done!

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What If You Could Begin to Change the Course of Your Life By Following 12 Practical Steps?

How To Begin To Believe-

12  Essential Steps to Believing You Can Do It!

… is my new e-book created specifically for those of us who not only struggle to get things done but struggle with believing we can do it in the first place!

I wrote this from a place of knowing what it’s like to see a goal in the distance but not know exactly how to get there. It’s for those of us who struggle with believing that we can accomplish our dreams. And there’s is one thing I can guarantee and that is, if you don’t believe you can do it, then you probably won’t.

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How To Begin To Believe

After living through years of an abusive relationship, I was able free myself from a life of fear and abuse, finish college, raised millions of dollars as the executive director of a non-profit serving to the needs of the under-served, buy a home of my own and marry the true man of my dreams! You can read more about the challenges I’ve overcome here!

The fact is, no matter how great or small, accomplishing anything begins with having the basic and fundamental belief that you can do it!  Our ability to believe in ourselves dictates the quality of our lives and the extent to which we can be of service to others.  But very often we can be hindered by how we are perceived by others and most importantly, how we perceive ourselves.

From time to time we may find ourselves wrestling with indecisiveness, self-doubt,  procrastination, laziness and/or a lack of self worth.  And far too often live in sacrifice to those we love and those who sign our paychecks, rarely making our own personal needs a priority.

I’ve spent the last year studying the power of believing and the greatness it can cause.   And here are my best strategies so far on not only how to begin to believe but how to see it through and get it done greatly!

As a part of your 12 Essential Steps progress, you’ll find inside :

      • An excellent and exciting tool that will allow you to collaborate with your friends and family as you make your way through this process!
      • Practical and Spiritual Steps that are Doable and Effective!
      • Access to Personal Support if you need it.
      • No B.S, No Fluff!

Here is a sneak peek!

How to Begin to Believe- Sneak Peek!

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How To Begin To Believe

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