Monday Motivation on Tuesday: Dream. Dare. Do… American Express Launches the #PassionProject

“On June 18, 2013  American Express kicked off a new program designed to enable, inspire and encourage people to pursue their passion projects. The #PassionProject brings together leading experts, how-to advice, personal profiles and a monthly contest to inspire consumers to pursue the projects that are important and meaningful to their lives.”

Checkout a couple of my favorites!!

Financial Fast- Mo Money…Mo Money…Mo Money!

Im really gonna try this….RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS 🙂!

spending journal

Do This Now: Challenge yourself with a 21-day financial fast, during which you eliminate all spending except for the bare essentials. Halting unnecessary purchases forces you to reflect on how much you consume.

Do This Soon: Keep a spending journal for 30 days. A month’s worth of data makes it easier to see where you can cut back.

Michelle Singletary, “The Color of Money” Columnist for The Washington  Post

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