Hump Day Wednesday- What Is Impossible?– “is a new website and app that encourages people to do things for others for free. People can post wishes of things that they want or need help with and offer what they can give – can be things or skills. Impossible shows these wishes and offers and people can connect with one another. You can also create thank you posts to send people.”

HuMP Day WednesDay: “It Needed To Stop”: My Daughter Takes On Bullying”

Last week my 10 year old daughter’s school counselor called me. She begin to tell that Sundari was there in her office. She was reporting bullying that was taking place with her and some of her friends. The counselor said that she said “enough is enough “and she wanted it to be over.

I cant say how proud I am of this little girl. She still doesn’t get how important a thing it is that she had the courage to report the bullying. Coincidentally, she reported the bullying the same day that it was reported that a young girl had killed herself because she was being bullied so severely. I agree, it needs to stop!

So I asked her if she wouldn’t mine sharing a little about what she did with you guys.

High School Basketball Turnover-One of the Most Memorable Turnovers of All Time!

Let this be a lesson for you….

High School basketball player passes the ball to a developmentally disabled player in the opposing team!