Hump Day Wednesday- What Is Impossible?– “is a new website and app that encourages people to do things for others for free. People can post wishes of things that they want or need help with and offer what they can give – can be things or skills. Impossible shows these wishes and offers and people can connect with one another. You can also create thank you posts to send people.”

2013: What Worked and Why


If I am completely honest and I always try to be; I conquered lot of sh*t last year! I was brave, patient, detailed, intentional, tenacious, creative, diligent, self-analyzing, tearfully grateful, forceful, quiet, optimistic, prayerful, supplicating and a little wired most times.

And here’s what it got me!

  1. My blog inspirationenergy is successful by my own terms. I’m always so amazed when I think about how far I’ve come over the last year when it comes to my ability to make it happen!  I mean, I was at zero capability when I started blogging and today, I found my voice,  have I pretty good following and  on my way to building my business of helping people to lead a better life!
  2. I started this new blog believebegreat which as I mentioned above, is my “business blog” where I help people get started, overcome hurdles, and get it done greatly! Now this was no easy feat for me! There are so many behind the scenes steps and decisions you would not believe… but I DID IT!
  3. I wrote the book How to Begin To Believe- 12 Steps to Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could! (To Be Released This Year). You can catch a sneak peek here!
  4. I read a lot about how to be better in general. I will share these resources with you in a later post.
  5. I began a healthier life path for myself, specifically, diet and exercise, more to come on this later as well.
  6. My household in terms of order is pretty much on track, it’s not perfect, but it’s recognizableJ!  I found that the more organized I had to be for my work, the more organized I had to be in general. Organization is a big deal, I have some important posts coming on this soon!
  7. My girls are great! Now, I’m not taking credit for THEIR accomplishments but when they called on me, I was there!  I was also there when they didn’t call on me, but that’s the kind of Mama I am! Some of the challenges we met last year were: Bullying, Strength and Faith, Standing Up for what you believe in, Prioritizing, Parenting, Friendships, Boys, and Appropriateness.
  8. My marriage…well 3 out of 4 ain’t bad! Just kidding! All is well on the marriage front. Not that this year was a breeze because it wasn’t; we worked through it. Some of our most intense conversations centered on subjects like; Does love change? Is this a Me problem or a We problem?  How long does the momentum lasts before we need another push?

I think these things worked because…check out the end of the post  at believebegreat!


Its Friday, Act Like It- “What’s On YouR BullShit List?!”

Come Clean!

“How you gon’ win when you ain’t right within!”- Lauryn Hill

You have to come clean! You have to deal with your bullshit! All of us have something that we need to deal with in our character or spirit. We lie, cheat, steal, talk about our friends behind their backs.  We’re jealous, envious, spiteful and selfish!

I’m talking about the ugly things that you do in secret or when you think nobody is watching.  Or those things that you do intentionally even when you know they’re wrong or they are going to really piss somebody off ! Or maybe you’re just plain old mean, insensitive or hurtful.

Whatever the case, you have to come to grips with the fact that maybe all those hurtful things your friends and family say about you are true!

It may not be that you’re a bad person but if your behavior hinders or interferes with the life and dreams of other people, then this is a problem! This type of behavior kills dreams and damages the spirit and you have no right to inflict this on anyone!

In order for us to make any kind of meaningful break through much less accomplish a lifelong dream, we have to address this sort of behavior, there is no getting around it!  And even though good things happen to bad people all the time, every day, eventually, one way or another, it all catches up to you.

If you’re generally a “good” person and most of us are, this task of identifying those things we need to come clean about maybe even harder than you expect.  We are so accustom to justifying our weaknesses or calling them something other than what they are. But it’s time to put on your big girl panties (excuse me fellas!) and tell it like it is!

So here’s my bullshit list (the short one)!

  • I’m socially insensitive and I don’t remember people’s name
  • I can be selfish
  • I only really  “like” my own kids
  • I can be thoughtless and thankless to those I love and those that love me

There is no 30 day or 12 step solution to fixing this. These changes must take place over time through your genuine, conscious and direct intention to do better.

So, in our effort to begin to deal with our “bullshit lists”, here are measures that will help us to do just that! Check It Out Here…!


Its Friday, Act Like It!- The Mandela Spirit

I am amazed at how there are these people who come into the world just like we do, of a mother and father;

but unlike most of us, at some point in their lives, they come to this unequaled realization that their sole purpose for being here is for the salvation of a people… of humanity.

Just the thought of the immensity of the life and spirit Nelson Mandela puts in prospective that even though he is gone, we are still here and I think we are all graced with a certain portion of the Mandela Spirit.

And it is our responsibility to continue in our purposes whatever our contribution and to do so gladly.



How To Begin To Believe: Step 3- Change Your Mind

bonsai-fb6Here is my Friday Sneak Peak from my soon to be released eBook, How To Begin To Believe, 12 Steps To Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could !

Step 3- Change Your Mind

“Change your mind about who you think you are. One of the primary reasons we wrestle with accomplishing certain goals is because we have adopted certain labels and character traits. Odds are, these labels were probably first given to us by our parents, siblings, friends etc. And because we love and trust these people, we believed them!
I was labeled “LAZY”. Ok, yeah this one was a little true for me. But I was also called smart, creative, and compassionate. The challenge was that I let the LAZY label, take priority over the smart, or creative label. I let it define me.

So, here’s how I changed my mind and how you can change yours too….”

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