I have worked in community service for over 20 years, helping to provide everything from affordable housing to school supplies to those in need.   I love classic television, “good” food, living well and having a good laugh!  I’m always optimist, trusting God in all things.  I have a gift for seeing the gifts in others and have embraced the responsibility of being  the “inspirationenergy” needed to help you begin to live a life of purposeful greatness, a greatness that is measured more by what you’ve helped others to accomplish than by what you’ve accomplished yourself!  Read more about me here!


I am a graduate of Florida International University with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Certified in Family Team Conferencing.

I have over 20 years of experience in Executive Non-Profit Management, Community Development and Advocating for the needs of people.

Today, I use my life, gifts & professional experience to help people (mostly women!)  to discover their gifts, establish goals and set practical & spiritual strategies for moving forward…begintobelieve.com!



There is an infinite amount of information out there on how to live your best life, inspiring and advising us on every subject from finances to fitness to finding your own true purpose. I scour the internet in search of inspiration that is authentic, credible and worthy of telling my friends about because I realize that when we are at our most vulnerable, we need to reach out and stand on hope and direction that can not only withstand the weight of our challenges but is strong and true enough to help carry us over . I feature those who have accomplished a state of purposeful greatness in hopes that their stories will help us to do the same.   When we’ve finished, we will have learned, laughed, smiled and cried and begun to conquered our life challenges together, great and small, one moment at a time while helping someone else along the way…..which is the most important part of the journey!


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  1. Thanks Robin for liking my post, hope you find time to visit often in the future…. Looking forward to being inspired by your blog posts. OAN, you kinda sound like a 21st century male “mother theresa” (a compliment); praying you continue to impact inspirationenergy every where you go. FYI, bonsai trees are beyond beautiful.

    • Hey Sabrina! Thank you so much for this recognition!! Please forgive me for not responding sooner. I haven’t been able to meeting all the criteria but I just wanted you to know that it is much appreciated. And thank you for your blog and I think it and you are feel with a beautiful spirit!

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  3. Thanks for liking my post: Grief + Gratitude = Inspiration. We both share experiences in the non-profit world and helping people in need.

  4. I am so grateful for the “like” and I am thrilled beyond measure to find your site – brene brown’s link is one of my absolute favorites, and you have such wisdom and heart! Look forward to more.

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  6. Hi Robin, nice to meet you. What a wonderful blog you have. Your caring and big heart are very obvious.
    I know it’s been ages (we’ve been without internet for a while) but thanks for the ‘like’ on the post thanking the blogosphere and about our guest post on ‘Retirement and Good Living’. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Cheers, Alison

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