2013: What Worked and Why


If I am completely honest and I always try to be; I conquered lot of sh*t last year! I was brave, patient, detailed, intentional, tenacious, creative, diligent, self-analyzing, tearfully grateful, forceful, quiet, optimistic, prayerful, supplicating and a little wired most times.

And here’s what it got me!

  1. My blog inspirationenergy is successful by my own terms. I’m always so amazed when I think about how far I’ve come over the last year when it comes to my ability to make it happen!  I mean, I was at zero capability when I started blogging and today, I found my voice,  have I pretty good following and  on my way to building my business of helping people to lead a better life!
  2. I started this new blog believebegreat which as I mentioned above, is my “business blog” where I help people get started, overcome hurdles, and get it done greatly! Now this was no easy feat for me! There are so many behind the scenes steps and decisions you would not believe… but I DID IT!
  3. I wrote the book How to Begin To Believe- 12 Steps to Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could! (To Be Released This Year). You can catch a sneak peek here!
  4. I read a lot about how to be better in general. I will share these resources with you in a later post.
  5. I began a healthier life path for myself, specifically, diet and exercise, more to come on this later as well.
  6. My household in terms of order is pretty much on track, it’s not perfect, but it’s recognizableJ!  I found that the more organized I had to be for my work, the more organized I had to be in general. Organization is a big deal, I have some important posts coming on this soon!
  7. My girls are great! Now, I’m not taking credit for THEIR accomplishments but when they called on me, I was there!  I was also there when they didn’t call on me, but that’s the kind of Mama I am! Some of the challenges we met last year were: Bullying, Strength and Faith, Standing Up for what you believe in, Prioritizing, Parenting, Friendships, Boys, and Appropriateness.
  8. My marriage…well 3 out of 4 ain’t bad! Just kidding! All is well on the marriage front. Not that this year was a breeze because it wasn’t; we worked through it. Some of our most intense conversations centered on subjects like; Does love change? Is this a Me problem or a We problem?  How long does the momentum lasts before we need another push?

I think these things worked because…check out the end of the post  at believebegreat!


6 thoughts on “2013: What Worked and Why

  1. Congrats on thr blog success and the upcoming book. I too have found my own idea of success with my blog and I am working on a book as well. The year of 2013 was not without its challenges, it is always nice to hear positive words.

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