Hump Day Wednesday- Empathy vs. Sympathy

3 thoughts on “Hump Day Wednesday- Empathy vs. Sympathy

  1. The headline was so powerful that I went ahead and checked this. I do not think that I defined sympathy the way it is shown in the video. I normally view sympathy as compassionate relating to another person’s emotions: whether sad or madly in love or whatever, while maintaining emotional separation. My definition of empathy is also different, because I usually just see it as meaning, not so much just healthy connection as shown in the video, but as experiencing the same emotion. Empathy is not always better. For example: a fireman goes to rescue some people but suddenly experiences so much empathy that he can’t actually do his job but is sobbing and wailing and in a terrified panic just like the people he showed up to help. That’s the downside of empathy. I did like the video but feel you defined both words differently from how I usually do.

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