How To Begin To Believe: Step 3- Change Your Mind

bonsai-fb6Here is my Friday Sneak Peak from my soon to be released eBook, How To Begin To Believe, 12 Steps To Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could !

Step 3- Change Your Mind

“Change your mind about who you think you are. One of the primary reasons we wrestle with accomplishing certain goals is because we have adopted certain labels and character traits. Odds are, these labels were probably first given to us by our parents, siblings, friends etc. And because we love and trust these people, we believed them!
I was labeled “LAZY”. Ok, yeah this one was a little true for me. But I was also called smart, creative, and compassionate. The challenge was that I let the LAZY label, take priority over the smart, or creative label. I let it define me.

So, here’s how I changed my mind and how you can change yours too….”

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