Monday Motivation: “Mindset Is The Killer App!”

As I was researching for this Monday Motivation post, I ran across this video from Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project.

This video spoke to me so profoundly when I started inspirationenergy over a year ago.  He talks about the power of mindset in determining success in life and work and it promotes his GLP Immersion. It inspired me to get inspirationenergy out of my head into the world.

Listening to it again, I know today, that I am in the right place and I am encouraged to keep going! Since I first heard of Jonathan Fields, I have not only started this blog, but I am writing my first book and I am announcing that I will soon be launching my new website, “lessons in greatness” which shares life lessons and practices, some I’ve experienced and some we will experience together on hard work, spirit, gratitude and purpose  as a path to greatness in life and work and like John says,  I work everyday to connect “who I am to what I do”.

Good Life Project was also  featured as one of my 2013 Most Inspiring Turn-To Sites! So, I thought it would be great to post it again along with his “10 Commandments of Biz”.   and I challenge you to listen the video, find a takeaway and move on it!



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: “Mindset Is The Killer App!”

    • Hey! Yes, at first the 20 minutes appear to be a little inconvenient but it’s definitely worth the time, so definuteky come back to it. Because once u start watching, u realize that each sentence is just as inspiring and thought provoking as the next and u stop keeping track of the time and b4 u know it, its over and u want to watch it again!

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