How to Begin to Believe -Step 2: Forgiveness

bonsai-fb6Here is a small excerpt from my soon to be released eBook, How To Begin To Believe, 12 Steps To Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You, You Could !

Step 2: Forgiveness

“Forgiving ourselves can often be harder than forgiving others.   We can sometimes carry the heavy burden of guilt and disappointment for years for something we did, didn’t do or failed at doing.  The inability to forgive ourselves is unhealthy and keeps us anchored to the past and unable to move forward. Here are a few practices to help you to begin to let yourself off the hook and forgive yourself for anytime you have ever fallen short…”

A Forgiveness Mantra:

“I forgive myself for what I’ve done and for all I didn’t do and embrace all the good that lies ahead”…Click to Tweet!

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