“How to Begin to Believe”: eBook Sneak Peek !


Hey everyone! I’m providing only to my inspirationenergy readers, a sneak peek of my eBook, “How to Begin to Believe, 12 Steps to Believing You Can Do What Nobody Ever Told You You Could!”   Every Friday, I will share a small excerpt from “HTBTB” until its official launch. And as a bonus, for 1 week after the launch, inspirationenergy readers will have the option to pay what you want for your copy!  So be sure to follow me here at inspirationenergy- (over in the sidebar) or on twitter so that you will be notified as soon as it’s released!

So here’s a peek!

“The fact is, no matter how great or small, accomplishing anything begins with having the basic and fundamental belief that you can do it!  Our ability to believe in ourselves dictates the quality of our lives and the extent to which we can be of service to others. But very often we can be hindered by how we are perceived by others and most importantly, how we perceive ourselves. From time to time we may find ourselves wrestling with indecisiveness, procrastination, laziness and/or a lack of self worth.  And far too often we live in sacrifice to those we love and those who sign our paychecks, rarely making our own personal needs a priority.

How To Begin To Believe highlights 12 essential steps to believing you can do what nobody ever told you, you could! It will help to clear your mind and spirit and guide you through a practical and insightful plan for getting it done, while unveiling your personal sense of value, deservedness, skill and confidence. “


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