Monday Motivation: Tested For Greatness-Blog Boldly!

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As promised, here is my review of Blog Boldly, the blog that promises to help “Turn Your HOBBY * PASSION * KNOWLEDGE into a profitable business!”  I will be testing Blog Boldly for greatness which means I will be looking at a few factors that I think are really important when you are just venturing out into blogging and want to do great things; they are Authenticity, Simplicity, Value, Affordability, Creativity, Consistency, Support/Accessibility, Exceptionals. You can read more about these here.  So here we go!

DarleneThis is Darlene, she is the creator of Blog Boldly. I found Blog Boldly on Twitter. First, she invites you to subscribe to her 20 Day Blog to Profit course where you’ll receive a post everyday for 20 days.  Each posts shares tips, tools, resources, advice, support, videos, on everything from the difference between owning and renting a domain name to outsourcing and more.  Now on with it!

Authenticity- Darlene, Darlene, Darlene! She immediately comes off like a friend. Right away, I felt like I could trust what she said as accurate and true and felt that she was sincere in her desire help her readers be successful. She is up front about what has and hasn’t worked for her; as well as other info she shares that she really doesn’t have to and I see these as additional and valuable perks.

Simplicity- The Blog Bold site is simple and uncomplicated. The daily posts link you to the respective Blog Boldly website page she’s. The pages are short, the text is large and clear and doesn’t have any unnecessary verbiage, stories or advertisements.   However, there is one picture of a young woman dressed in only a t-shirt, sitting up bed with a cup of coffee and computer in her lap in full hair and makeup. I thought that was a little weird but other than that, everything on the page has value!

Value- Now this was what I was most impressed with.  Darlene gives away a lot of advice and information that she could easily charge for. I guess I can really appreciate this because I struggled for a longer time, researching a lot of different sources for the information that I got all at Blog Boldly. I thought this was great and best of all it’s free!

 Affordability- As I just mentioned, the 20 Day Blog to Profit Course is free. But Darlene does offer private coaching at a cost of “(OPTION 1 – $175. – “Borrow my Brain” for 45 minutes. OPTION 2 – $399. – “Dive In” – Four 30-min sessions)”.  This does seem a little costly for me but compared to what she offers free of charge, I can’t imagine the value of the information she offers at a cost. She also gives you coupons for discounts for certain services that you’ll need as you build your site.

 Creativity- There’s not a lot on creativity per say but what I will say that the site is clean, is the posts are short, informative and to the point. And they are often funny and insightful. What else do you need?

 Consistency- Each post comes every day and consistently has something to offer. Blog Boldly offers what it says it does. Sometimes you think…”it must be more to it than this, it can’t be this easy” but in most cases  it is that easy and is more than enough to put you well on your way.

 Support/Accessibility- Ok, this is another thing I really liked about Darlene, she responds to your emails and invites you to ask her questions that she will answer via twitter.

Exceptionals- What I found exceptional about Blog Boldly is that you get a wealth of knowledge and information in these bite sized, easy to managed, compassionate pieces. The information is provided in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed but at the same time, you feel well informed and capable of accomplishing the tasks.

Conclusion- In conclusion, I would definitely recommend you make Blog Boldly a stop on your way to greatness. The information is clear and concise and ideal for someone just starting out or the even the more experienced blogger . At the same time, Darlene is embracing, funny, honest and remembers what it’s like to be in the shoes of someone just starting out. Even if you don’t do the 20 Day Course, check out the website anyway, the “Resources” page, has a lot of good stuff in it that I’m sure you’ll find helpful.  In one of her posts after the 20 Day Blog To Profit Course ended, she says her ability to make money on her blog allows her to be of service to others, (and you know how important I think is) and it allows her family freedom. She says, You MUST get OK with making money….. because if you don’t get right about this in your head, you never will prosper and have the success you deserve.” I agree!

So, great job Darlene/ Blog Boldly!

I’m off to make some money!!  (BTW, this was not a paid review… Hey Darlene, let’s talk!)



8 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Tested For Greatness-Blog Boldly!

  1. I signed up. Thanks~!
    So, do you do the make money from your blog thing?
    Does it really work?
    I’m always afraid it’ll be some weird pyramid scheme, or some type of scam.
    Caution can be safe…. but isn’t always necessary, right?

    • Hello, Darlene here!

      Online business and blogging for profit, are legitimate. There’s nothing “pyramid” about building a business online. It takes work and dedication but the payoff can be phenomenal.

      Hope you enjoy my course and thank you for signing up.

      darlene 🙂

    • Hey! No, there is no pyramid scheme or anything like that. Just good information and resources plus your hard work and commitment. I am applying a lot of the advice Darlene offers and it is already making a difference. Just knowing that I can go to her site or revisit one of her lessons to get the info. I need saves me a lot of valuable time.

  2. Hello Robin!

    Thank you for your review. I appreciate it and of course will tweet about it. 🙂

    I’ll address a few things:

    1) The girl in the t-shirt drinking coffee with her laptop was supposed to convey the early Sunday morning newsletter. You know, lazy morning in bed receiving the newsletter? Maybe it doesn’t work like I thought. Hah!

    2) I charge a hefty sum for one-on-one because I deliberately want to screen who signs up. I only work with serious pp who are ready to change their lives. Most pp won’t pay that amount and then waste my time and theirs.

    3) I do give a lot away free and answer emails (with advice) for free because I know how alone you can feel in the beginning and you don’t know who to trust. But also, by building the relationship first with my readers, they are loyal when it comes to purchasing thru my affiliate links (where I do make $.)

    I also hope when my book “Winning at Business Duck Dynasty Style” goes live tomorrow (yoohoo!) that I’ll get support from my peeps. I do everything I can to generously help my readers and I hope they’ll want to give back. Some do, some don’t, but that’s OK.

    Don’t have link because book is not release yet but you can go to my author page for info:

    Lastly, when you quoted me “You MUST get OK with making money….. because if you don’t get right about this in your head, you never will prosper and have the success you deserve.” omgosh! I have noticed that is the #ONE issue! When were pp taught making money is bad?? Or shameful? Aside from how much fun money is (well, not the $ itself but what it can buy), money can relieve so much pain and trouble.

    Thanks again Robin! darlene 🙂

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