Its Friday, Act Like It: What Does The Fox Say….Really?!

Ok, this video has had almost 40 million views on You Tube! I think people cant believe that its really a song and have to hear it for themselves!!   Its Friday…go ahead


2 thoughts on “Its Friday, Act Like It: What Does The Fox Say….Really?!

  1. By the way, this song is a bit insidious~!
    I followed the link, and chuckled.
    THEN….. 24 hours later I found myself humming the chorus. Within the hour both my husband and I found we couldn’t shake it. That may have lasted another 24 hours. And, who knows, now that I have come here, I am in danger of being “re-infected”.

    Catchy, cute, tongue-in-cheek….. but I marvel to think it got so many million hits~! I bet it is getting played in night clubs these days, all around the world. Go figure~! What a funny way to attain greatness or fame…. or whatever that might be~!

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