In Search of Purposeful Greatness: A Review of the Websites & Blogs Most Likely to Get Us There!

bonsai-fbI have been blogging for a year now with the goal of ultimately making a living by helping others to reach purposeful greatness. I define Purposeful Greatness as greatness that is measured more by what you’ve helped others to accomplish than by what you’ve accomplished yourself! I have had to learn everything from how to embed a video to researching the business side of blogging, to searching for plain old inspiration and still have A LOT to learn. Some of you may have seen my post “Inspirationenergy’s Anniversary Post: 2013 Most Inspiring Turn-To Sites!” where I highlighted some of the websites that I found extremely resourceful during my first year. I have come across dozens of blogs and websites whose claims are to inspire, training, guide, teach, motivate etc., on creating websites, creativity, online businesses and how to do what you love.

So, I created “In Search of Purposeful Greatness… A Review of the Websites & Blogs Most Likely to Get Us There!” to share my experiences as I follow, subscribe and research various websites/blogs and their ability to move us on our path to purposeful greatness. It’s important to mention that I started last year with zero experience in blogging, social media, building a website business etc., so if I find them helpful, you probably will too!

Here are some of the “great” criteria I will be looking for and reporting back to you on:

Sincerity/Authenticity– Does the creator of the site really want to help or is their primary motivation to make money… your money?

Simplicity– Is the site easy to maneuver, can I find what I am look for easily. And is the information provided in a clear and easy to understand way? Or, is it bombarded with ads and other “stuff” or too much stuff!

Value- Is the information being provided valuable and necessary to gaining purposeful greatness? Can I gain access to this information for free and without having to commit to “paid membership” before gaining any benefit?

Affordable- When there are fees, are they reasonable for the services being provided?

Authority– Does this person really know what they’re talking about? Now, this doesn’t mean that the creator has to have years of experience of college degrees, because some of the best sites are done by people simply driven by a sincere desire to help you by sharing their real experiences in an informed way i.e. purposeful greatness!

Creativity- Is the information and process provided in a creative and interesting way?

Consistency- Is information being provided consistently and is up to date? And are they providing the services that they are marketing and there’s no bait and switch.

Support/Accessibility- Is the creator/ team accessible? Are their opportunities to ask questions that they will answer in a timely fashion without cost?

Exceptionals- Is the site exceptional in some unexpected way?

Here is how it works! At least once a month, I will select and subscribe to a website/blog. I will periodically post on my experiences throughout the month and give a overall review of the site when I’m finished.  I will be honest about my experiences and definitely let you know when I think a site is mostly likely to lead you to purposeful greatness! Also, if you happen to be familiar with the site, you can share your comments as well. And finally, if you would like me to test your site for purposeful greatness or another site that you’re curious about but just don’t have the time to check out, leave a comment and let me know just make sure that the site is in line with our mission and I’ll put it on my list.

So the first site I will be testing for purposeful greatness is Blog Boldly! Blog Boldly says it will help you to ” Turn Your HOBBY * PASSION * KNOWLEDGE into an online business, learn how to setup a blog that makes you money and offers a Free 20-Day Blog to Profit Course”. I’m already in to Day 15 of the course.

blog boldly

Look for my post/ tweet next Monday for the complete results!

I’m goin’ in, see you soon!


8 thoughts on “In Search of Purposeful Greatness: A Review of the Websites & Blogs Most Likely to Get Us There!

  1. Robin.. thank you so much for featuring!

    I hope the “Blog to Profit” course is helpful to growing your business (and/or the biz of your readers) It was put together once I noticed my sweet niece struggling trying to create a profitable blog. The idea is to take you from setting up your WP blog to actually generating income.

    Look forward to following your series. This should be fun and beneficial.

    darlene 🙂

    • Hey Darlene! Actually, your blog is the reason I started this series. Like I said, I have read and subscribed to quite a few blogs over the past year and some of them have really been great and some of course aren’t. I’m at Day #15 with Blog Boldly and I have to say…well I guess Ill share this part with you on Monday :)!

  2. Hi Robin.
    I look forward to reading your reviews. I’ve been working on my blog for a short time and still learning of course. I am sure I could make some changes, but getting around the blog and creating, is a bit tedious for me so hopefully I will learn from your reviews of what to do and what not to do 🙂 I’m going now to check out Blog Boldly from your recommendation!


    • Hi Kim! I completely understand. I think this is going to be really helpful. I wish I had found someone who did this a year ago.It would have made it a lot easier me. Look for the review next Monday, if not sooner…So welcome!

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