50th Anniversary March on Washington


Source: http://50thanniversarymarchonwashington.com/

This day marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. I would be born 5 months later but I soon came to understand how important this day was, not only to this Country but to all of humanity.  In school we would sing songs and have plays in celebration of this day. We would have competitions for who would get to recite the “I Have A Dream” speech. I learned today that the words “I Have A Dream” were not apart of the original speech but they came to him during the speech…”he’d given himself over to the spirit of the moment”. Check out this inspiring article, “How Martin Luther King Improvised ‘I Have A Dream’ by Carmine Gallo.  I am so grateful for this great day and to Dr. King for his purpose and sacrifice  to us all.


Source: http://mail.aol.com/37996-111/aol-6/en-us/Suite.aspx

3 thoughts on “50th Anniversary March on Washington

  1. This speech has heavy Biblical influences too, including verses from Isaiah 40:4-5 and Amos 5:24, and more subtle references to Pslam 30:5 and Galatians 3:28. (One can google “I Have a Dream Bible Verse” for more specific info on the Biblical foundations of King’s fight against injustice.)

    What a great and godly man~!

    Thanks for sharing this Robin~!

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