Inspirationenergy’s Anniversary Post: 2013 Most Inspiring Turn-To Sites!

This August notes one year since I launched inspirationenergy the blog! In honor of this moment, I want to announce my list of the most inspiring turn-to sites that I have always been able to “turn-to” for one reason or another of the course of this past year. It’s my way of saying thank you for inspiring and informing and often comforting me over the past several months.  Note that there have been many more sites and people who have been a source of inspiration and refuge for me but these sites have been particularly consistent and resourceful.   I want to also say thanks to anyone who has ever visited, viewed, liked or followed ie, I hope it has served you well. By the way, ie has been viewed almost 15,000 times over the last six months! I don’t know how impressive that is but I am so grateful for every single one ! I’m so excited about what the future holds for me and all the good I can do thorough ie!  So in no particular order here they are!   Thanks again everybody!!

Inspirationenergy’s Most Inspiring Turn-To Sites of 2013

helen keller -glad every day

1. The Reconstructionist at is a beautiful site of illustrations honoring great women of our time. The art work is moving and amazing and is accompanied by a quote of the woman featured.


2. Seth Godin is a marketing guru and seems to be the go-to for everything marketing and entrepreneurial  He has written several bestsellers. I like that he always seems to be able to get to the point quickly. You can find him at but know that if you subscribe,  you’re gonna get a post almost everyday  which can be a little overwhelming but I like him so it works for me.


3. Brene Brown is a scholar, author, and public speaker. She wrote Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. Here is here website – I first took note of her on Ted Talks where she talks about the power of vulnerability, check it out here- . She has had over 10 million views!


4. Leo Babauta, Zenhabits– Leo is a dad and a husband who got tired of the way he was living his life and changed it.  He shares with us exactly how he did it on his website Zenhabits-,  You’ll find that his website is clean , containing only the words necessary to get his message across. What I like about Leo is, he’s just guy who is living a simple, minimalist life, no bells or whistles. He says he’s happy and I believe him. Check out his interview on Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project-

dirty laundry 2

5. Jeanee Duval, Dirtylaundry– Jeanee was my original muse when I started inspirationenergy. She has a life style blog and makes these delightful cupcake bath fizzies. I still visit her site from time to time, its lite  and fun and she’ always on top of the latest trends!  Have fun!

maya painting

6. Dr. Maya Angelou is an author, poet and a gift loaned to the planet from the Heavens. She has received dozens of awards and several honorary doctoral degrees. She stopped speaking for 5 years at age 8 because she thought her voice had killed a man.  Read more here or better yet read her acclaimed autobiography I know Why The Caged Bird Sings which tells the story of her life up until age 17.

gapingvoid logo

7. Hugh MacLeod- Gaping Void-Does these weird but creative cartoons on the back of business cards. Sometimes profound, sometimes funny but always interesting, provoking thought and change.


8. TED “ideas worth spreading”.- Wow, what can I say about TED- Technology, Entertainment, Design!  I guess their website says it best The TED Conference “brings together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less)”.  I’m working on my 18 minutes right now. You can spend months exploring all the TED website and not scratch the surface of everything TED offers the world!-

brain pickings

9. Maria Popova-Brain Pickings – describes itself as a “weekly interestingness digest”. Maria Popova shares creative and inspiring articles, books , quotes, photos and illustrations etc. Subjects include art, design, science, technology, philosophy, history, politics, psychology, sociology, ecology, anthropology. By the way EXPLORE is her site as well!

tony shay

10. Tony Hsief- Delivering Pronounced Tony Shay,  coined the term “happiness as a business model”. He is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and CEO of  His bestseller Delivering Happiness chronicles his life and ultimately became a global movement! He balances being really smart with being really happy by seeing to it that you’re happy too ! Check him out here!

elizabet taylor james dean

11. Awesome People Hanging Out to Together- is just that,  AWESOME!  Its one on my  guilty pleasures. There is nothing to do, click or read, no calls to action, just amazing pictures of awesome people hanging out together!

good life project

12. Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project– Jonathan is my really good friend in my head. He is this cool guy that is dreamy in a life is love kind of a way. He is a entrepreneur, author and his mission is to help us to find and define a Good Life.  I love his video on the Good Life Project Immersion, check it out here .  On Good Life Project TV, he  interviews people who have achieved a level of success by way of positively impacting people’s lives- you can find that here . At the end of every interview he asks his guest how do they define a good life.  It’s my hope to be interviewed my  him one day really soon. Then there is his creed where almost every sentence is a meaning, life changing quote- .  So please, please check him out, you can thank me later!

art of non conformity

13. Chris Guillebeau, Art of Non Conformity–  Chris is a writer and travels to more than 25 countries every year while helping people take over the world! Learn how here! .

social triggers

14. Derek Halpern , Social Triggers– Derek Halpern is this loud, animated guy who has this genius way of teaching valuable business  and marketing lessons in 3 minute videos…I love that!  I’m a audio visual learner and if you are too, check it out!


15. Thug Kitchen– is a profanity laced , beautifully photographed, healthy food and dietary website. So be warned,  Thug kitchen is “HERE TO HELP YOUR NARROW DIETARY MINDED A** EXPLORE SOME F*CKING OPTIONS SO THAT YOU CAN LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A F*CKING CHAMP”.

nehemiah davis

16. Nehemiah Davis is an author, teacher of metaphysics, expert in real estate/community development . He is the most compassionate and brilliant person I know and he also my husband!  Nehemiah is a metaphysician and has held a free lecture series on metaphysics for 30 years. . He is the author of The Ancient Language of the Soul: The Mystic Knowledge of Mantra- . You can also check out his meet-up group at  He  has been my biggest source of inspiration and is one of those rare people who are who they say they are. He is a devoted father committed to God and family.  Thank you honey for being an example of how to live a life of purposeful greatness!


17. Kickstarter – Is this wonderful innovative site that allows you to reach out into the community to fund you’re your creative projects.  No investors, just people who want to see your dream happen…what’s better than that?!

oprahs masterclass

18. Oprah Master Class– What list of greats would be complete without Oprah’s name attached to it. Oprah’s Master Class is a video series of hand selected people who  tell their stories of the world’s impact on them and their impact on the world. Morgan Freemans’ was one of my favorites.

 Enjoy and Share Generously!


19 thoughts on “Inspirationenergy’s Anniversary Post: 2013 Most Inspiring Turn-To Sites!

  1. Hey Robin, CONGRATULATIONS on your anniersary~! You’re doing a great job. I’m pretty sure yours is the 1st blog I’ve ever subscribed to. My blog is pretty new. But, you came to it and said “hello”. Thanks for that~! It made me feel welcome in the blogging community, and I’ve been enjoying your posts. This list is great, I hope to visit some of these talks. I work with my hands, and like to keep my mind moving while my hands are at work~!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary…WOW, it’s an incredible achievement. Thank you for visiting my blog, I feel I have so much more to learn and thank you for the inspirational blogs you mentioned.
    Ciao, Susan

    • Hey Susan, im so glad u came by! Thank you, yeah, we all have a lot to learn so lets try to enjoy where we are right now! Owls and orchids is beautifully creative!

  3. Hi Robin
    So pleased that you liked one of my posts. Maybe one day I will make your ‘turn to’ list! I’ll be sure to check out a few of these other sites you recommend. Good luck with doing this full time. I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason. Cheers Pip

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