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I was born and raised in the 100 year old community of Goulds, in Miami, Florida and I am the last of 7, 3 sisters and 3 brothers.  My parents were married for 50 years before my mom went home to be with God in the summer of 2006. My mother grounded us in the Word of God, teaching us to never under estimate ourselves; that “through God , all things are possible”.  My father never earned more than $6 per hour, driving a truck for a building supply company for nearly 30 years.  He taught us the importance of hard work, family and sacrifice.

My first serious relationship lasted 10 years and ended in abuse. Though my body was battered and bruised, my mind was clear and my spirit was strong and renewed because I reached out and held on to the ropes of prayer, faith and perseverance laid out for me by my parents.  By this time, I had a 10 year old son and a 5 month-old baby daughter, it was 1996.

I earned a BA in Psychology from Florida International University and began my career in community service in 1993 after Hurricane Andrew.  Since then, I have counseled, cared for, advised and advocated for the people of the communities of South Miami Dade.  Most notably during this time, I served as the executive director of a local grass root non-profit community development corporation. There I worked to raise millions of dollars to bring in brick and mortar to build and rebuild our homes, businesses and preserve our historic sites. I helped to resuscitate the heart of a Community that was rich in history but overwhelmed by neglect and oversight.  But most importantly I helped restore the confidence of the people to begin to believe in themselves and each other so that together, we could meet the challenges that lied ahead.

In 2004, I married a good man. Hallelujah! He also works in community service, helping to rebuild some of the neediest communities in South Dade. He is a great father, wise and devotedly loyal to God, family friends …I did good !  We have a daughter together who represents the best of both of us and has the biggest heart in the world.  My middle daughter is compassionate, a talented dancer and an advocate for anything  with fur, feathers or four legs and my son is the oldest and a gifted musician and composer (when he can get the work:), ask him for the shirt off his back and it’s yours.

At age 49, I launched inspirationenergy the blog, to offer practical and insightful advice and resources to anyone struggling to find their way to and through anything, to remind us to make it a practice to be grateful for where we are and what we have right now; to make us laugh and smile and even cry sometimes, to celebrate us at our very best and to be a source of prayer and reflection when we are at our worst, but most of all, inspirationenergy exists to remind us that in all we come to know and do, we are here to serve, there is no greater purpose than this.   -Robin


18 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. i too met the man of my dreams in 2004 and this May will be our 10th Anniversary. And I too had been in relationships in the past where emotions were expressed through physical actions that sometimes caused me to be bruised. So glad we both have men now capable of loving themselves and the families they have. :~)

  2. I am so honored that you liked one of my posts! Thank you so much for stopping by. I have only read your about me and already feel absolutely inspired. I can tell this is a special place to come and read and gain insight. Beautiful words.

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