It Happened!!!

It happened!  Effective July 19, 2013, I along with my co workers will be LAID OFF!  I have worked for four non profits over the past 25 years and funding is always a challenge and is very much the down side of working in this arena.

Nevertheless, here I am and the question now is, do I bury myself into hunting for new job or do I practice what I preach and commit myself to my passion, to doing what I love…inspirationenergy!  Armed with  the overwhelming call to live beyond my intentions, I am prayerfully and faithfully choosing the latter!  Am I scared? Yes!! But I have a greater fear of not making the most of this moment …right now!

Here are some of the things I’ve been working on and now have the time to make happen sooner rather than later here at inspirationenergy;

=How to Begin to Believe…- Ebook Series

Beginning with , How to Begin to BelieveYou Can Do It! – (Available for Download December 2013)

=Motivational Speaking

Ok, so for a season, you will notice lovely donation buttons ran through PayPal on inspirationenergy; if you ever find joy or value in inspirationenergy, please consider supporting the site with a donation either small enough to keep me in pens or large enough to replace my journals which will fill up quickly with ideas and inspiration to move us forward!

Thank you for your support of inspirationenergy and for believing in me…it means everything!
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25 thoughts on “It Happened!!!

  1. Good luck to you! I applaud you for your courageous choice. As a fellow downsized non-profit person, I am still working on facing my fears to do the same as you. Best of luck!!!

  2. It may seem odd to say “congratulations” that you were laid off, but somehow that feels like that is may be the appropriate word – congratulations and the best of luck to you…only good things can come when the opportunity arrives to follow your heart 🙂

    • I know what you mean. It was weird around my co-workers because I was actually excited because I saw this window as a “unexpected opportunity” and (I shareD this view with some of my co-workers) but at the same time felt the need to acknowledge that obvious disappointment that swallowed the room.

      Thank you!!

    • Hey, No..You’re exactly right!! I am very much aware but today that’s my reality and writing it down and putting it out there was hard to do but I’m moving forward with a commitment to myself to making it better. I remember an episode from All In the Family where Archie is asked by his friend why didn’t he have money saved or invested and he responded by saying…”all my money is invested in living”, as my family grew, I understood this more and more!

      Thanks again for being that voice!

  3. Hi Robin,
    I applaud your courageous choice!! It sounds like you’ve got plenty of projects in the works though. I will be interested in hearing about your experience. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you were laid off. I work with charitable organizations, so I empathize completely. However, I am awed and impressed with your positive energy and efforts moving forward. You are an inspiration!

  5. I am really to hear of you your misfortune. If I may suggest another great book for you to get sustainable inspiration it is Cal Newport’s “So Good They Cannot Ignore you”. Best of Luck on your new path!

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