What I Know Now: Vetting For Authenticity

So, have you ever tried to do something and failed?…ok, stupid question.   I tried at least 3 times to start the inspirationenergy blog on 3 other hosts sites, all of which were complete FAILS!  I must admit that while in the process of these complete fails, there was something about these moments that just didn’t feel right, there was a little voice, saying no, this isn’t it. But I ignored that little voice every time because it worked for my co-workers’ cousin who recommended it very highly and it was the host site of my favorite blog, so it should work for me…right?! No, instead, I wasted a lot of time, got very discouraged and almost gave up.

What I know now is… before venturing into a project or goal of any kind, it has to survive a process I call “vetting for authenticity” which is a fancy way of asking the question, “Is this right for me?”

So here’s how it works, ask yourself of this goal/project etc. the following series of questions:

1. Why do I want to do this thing in the first place? – If the answer doesn’t include a greater purpose other than yourself  then this is cause for reconsideration! Either stop now or figure out how doing this thing can be of benefit to someone else.

2. Do important aspects of this thing marry important fundamentals of who you are as a person, woman, mother, vegan, Christian, etc.?  If not, either stop Now or be prepared to explain to your mother why you’re breaking her heart!

3. Does starting/completing this project compliment other important aspects of my life i.e., scheduling, cost, sacrifice of family time etc. If the sacrifices appear to be too great, you may not have to give up; instead, consider narrowing your scope of work – break the project down into smaller steps and give yourself more time to get it done.

4. Do you currently possess the knowledge and skill to accomplish the goal/project? If not, do you have the patience and tenacity, to research, study and practice until you get it done. If not, see question #1

5. Do you get excited by the mere thought of working on this project as much and as long as necessary until the job is done? If not, see question #1

6. Is this thing an extension of who you are and what my life is about? If not, again,  see question #1

7.  Are there any small voices in your head telling you you’re going the wrong way?  …listen to this voice, something’s wrong. Go back to question #1 and start again.

So, in summary , what I know now is …authenticity is a preservative force and in order to increase the chances of long, sustainable success at anything, it must be authentic to who and what you are, be broad in purpose and worthy of the  time and sacrifice needed to get it done !

5 thoughts on “What I Know Now: Vetting For Authenticity

    • Hi Kelly, I’m very familiar with self doubt and what I know is if that’s what it feels like, then it probably is. I think we all have some sources of validation around us reminding us of our gifts; friends, family, spirit, all of the thank yous and hugs we get everyday. In fact, we’ve never met but already I can see that you are brave, funny, creative, loving, consistent, giving, patient, a great writer, intelligent, hopeful, encouraging, supportive, expressive… I could go on! Our challenge is to accept these moments as confirmation that we are who we think we are and we can do what we think we can do. Beyond that, I think it becomes a matter of practicality, arming yourselves with the tools, resources, time and commitment needed to move forward little by little everyday. And eventually you’ll notice that that little voice becomes a very little voice and eventually, you barely notice it at all mostly because you’re too busy getting it done!

      Thanks for the question, I hope I was helpful!

      • Hopeful is quite the understatement, Robin.

        You kindness, insights and interpretation of my question is genuinely appreciated.

        I am at the beginning of my search for validation so the voice of self doubt is quite boisterous. I expect it will probably get louder before it allows me some respite. No matter how loudly it responds I have always had grit and a stubborn streak. The more I’m told I can’t do something, the more determined I become.

        Patience is one on that list that I definitely need to work on.

        Again, thank you for taking the time to answer at length.

    • Hi Nel! Yes, in fact I think that that’s a healthy way to approach things but sometimes our reaction to where this thing has taken us is met with disappointment of some kind and how we react to that “disappointment” will determine what we do next, if anything at all or maybe we haven’t been brave enough to begin the journey in the first place. But you make a great point, courage and a positive attitude at every turn can make all the difference!

      Thanks for the dialog!!

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