The Do Something Manifesto

Do Something.

Do something BIG.

Do something big enough to make a DIFFERENCE.

Do something big enough to make a difference that can be DEFINED and MEASURED.

Do something big enough to make a definable and measurable difference in your HEALTH, SPIRIT, FAMILY, WORK, COMMUNITY, or WORLD.

Pick one, NOW… it doesn’t matter which because to do one, is to do them all!

When you start your journey, you’re going to look outside yourself for direction, STOP , you’re going the wrong way! Look within your SPIRIT, it is the real you, it has  all the wisdom and knowledge that you will ever need…TRUST IT!


When you’ve done “IT” and you will, take all the proceeds that you’ve earned- the confidence, energy, strength, and  lessons learned and GO BACK, find someone who is either stuck, lost or has given up altogether and tell them-


14 thoughts on “The Do Something Manifesto

  1. Reblogged this on Cozy Books and commented:
    I think I’ve already reblogged once or twice from insoirationenergy, but that’s just because they post such great stuff. So, here’s my great thing–I’m going to write. But more than that–I’m going to write to inspire. I’m going to make someone smile and think a bit more about life with one of my books. And then I’m going to draw. I’m going to become a mangaka and draw something inspiring and change lives of otakus everywhere for the better. And then I’m going to live–and by living I’m going to try and make a difference. (well, hopefully I’ll have been living all along, but still…) What are you going to do?

    • Hi Kelly, I know what you mean, but its quite comfortable to take the road of least resistance, we all do it from time to time. But I would continue to encourage and remind them of what makes them special and of what you do admire about them. Sometimes its hard to see the best of who we are and the challenge for most of us is that we haven’t gotten to the place where we really believe that we can make a difference, so it takes a person like you to not only lead by example, but to be a continued source of inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for the comment!

  2. i think so many people underestimate the value of just doing something, anything. maybe it is small at first but before long it’s something great. momentum builds but can’t without starting first. we tend to overcomplicate some things and oversimplify others and usually get the wires crossed. i love the simplicity of this, of just “doing” like the nike commercial – just do it. p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” my “being an angel to soldiers” post. i always enjoy “seeing” new faces. 🙂

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  5. Really like this idea. So fundamental and so few of us lack the courage to really approve of, and therefore, empower ourselves. Thanks for this post and for your recent ‘like’ of my piece on grief.

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