What I Know Now….”No Questions, Codes or Passwords Needed!”

bonsai-fbNo Questions, Codes or Passwords Needed!

Ok…so there I was thinking that all I needed to move forward were the Right tools or what I thought were the right tools, in order  to begin my journey to creating inspirationenergy.  I needed a smart phone, ipod, etc. then my blog would look as good as all of the other blogs I admired, with all the pretty images and fonts and pages etc.  And surely, I needed tweeting capacity, facebook, instagram-a-bility…all that, and if I got all this stuff, I’d be GREAT!  So off I went! I purchased the best phone, tablet etc  that my money could buy…greatness was just one click away!

So, there I was, at my computer with all my new gadgets, on and fully charged and…I’m waiting …and waiting …expecting that somehow greatness was going to jump from all my fancy expensive gadgets to the computer screen and instantly inspirationenergy would be born and I would have a million followers and Oprah would be calling me to give a Master Class!!  Needless to say, this didn’t happen.

What I know now is my most valuable tool (outside of myself) was with me all along…they are my pencils and writing journals!  My journals are filled with all of my ideas, resources, dreams, secrets, lists, mistakes, thoughts, goals and challenges and held everything I needed to get me on my way!  They have no battery life, you don’t need a contract to own them, there are no monthly fees, you don’t have to register or subscribe to have access to them, they come in an infinite number of colors, sizes and styles, they are relatively hard to loose and they’re always there waiting for me whenever I need them….no questions, codes or passwords needed!

Don’t get me wrong, we all know that fancy gadgets have their place but don’t fool yourself into thinking that once I get this or have that, that…THEN, I can make things happen!  What I know now is that you have everything you need NOW to accomplish what can be accomplished at this moment and if you can just start there, you’re way ahead of the game. -Robin


Do you know someone that would find this helpful?  Email the website to them! https://inspirationenergy.wordpress.com/


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