2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Nice post. The courage to set boundaries… That’s a tough, but very important key to life. I struggle with it, and I see so many others struggle with it. I also like “we’re all made of strength and struggle.”

    I offer this however, and not for the sake of argument, or to ruffle feathers, only to add what I have discovered to be true in my own humble life. Instead of only seeking within, try seeking above.

    Looking only within has led me to deep introspection which leads to more questions and deeper introspection. The cycle continues, and could push the more painfully aware person to depression or madness. How can we ourselves answer the questions we conceive?

    Try this instead, first, look within to find that stillness and focus we all come into existence with. Then, give your questions to the Great Creator and Author of our lives. Then? Let it go. The answer will come, or will be over powered by the freedom you find by giving up the angst in trying to navigate every aspect of our complex and inexplicable lives. You will come to see beauty for the gift it is, and your life as infinitely more than a utilitarian role destined for death.

    • Hi, Thanks for your comment and you’re right! The clarity that I’d like to share is that the challenge comes when we see the Creator outside of ourselves, we lose sight that “He abides in us and us in Him, that our “bodies are the temple of God”. For me, understanding this oneness that connects us, all of us- one to another, to the Spirit of God, frees us from the limitations and struggles that you described. And it’s not that the challenges are not there, it’s just that we come to a place where we BECOME what we BELIEVE and it is at that moment that we know that within us beats a divine “spark directly connected to the heart of God” and all is well.

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