Check Out -My Froggy Stuff !!


Ok…my 10 year old daughter has introduced me to My Froggy Stuff!  It you are into arts & crafts or DIY stuff for baby dolls, Barbie Dolls or American Girl Dolls, then you gotta check this out! I think her projects are amazing!!! She takes ordinary items and creates almost anything you can image in a miniature baby doll size…its pretty amazing!  Here are a few of her videos!! Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Check Out -My Froggy Stuff !!

  1. These are so neat 😀 I love making miniature stuff (and now, I have more excuse to do so, for my son to play with). I am going to have to use the idea of cutting the package designs for various products out of newspaper ads! I want to know where she got those tiny candy scoops too 🙂

  2. My daughter loves this just today she made a mall for mh dolls in 1 hour and a street she is the best at crafting her friends are buying crafts from her and well…please give her shout out she would scream

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