Introducing My Gratitude Page…

Gratitude- thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. (wikipeidia).  Much has been said about the subject of gratitude.  Taking the time to be grateful is said to make our lives and ourselves better, that it gives us a greater appreciation for what we have and makes whatever we have enough.

I must admit that I do spend more time “complaining” than I do saying how grateful I am.  In fact, complaining has seemed to become a natural part of my day to day conversation…. It’s so hot today..the kids are really getting on my nerves …I hate my hair today… it such a long drive to work… and on and on!

So, in my committed to be more grateful, I am committing a page of my blog solely to the subject of gratitude. I will not only begin my gratitude journal but also share other information, sayings, quotes etc. on the subject.  Oh…please feel free to make this your place to share all that you are grateful for as well!

33 thoughts on “Gratitude

    • Wow!! I just wrote a piece on gratefulness myself. I found something out in the past 6 months about being grateful, one when you unleash gratitude to our creator for just the simple things He does establish wonderful peace within the recesses of your inner being, The other thing it does is detox negativity in your inner circle of people and it gives off a reflection that says I am positive about my approach to life. I have been really inspired by being thankful for my life and the trials I have been trusted by God to bear. I count it jot to exude His strength in my weakness. Make it a great life and stop by to check out my take on the subject of being “Grateful.”

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  2. Nice, keep up the good work. It’s a blessing to remember to be grateful in a world where griping is more the norm I thank you for the reminder. If you’ve never seen this beautiful ten minute video on gratitude, it’s well worth your time. The whole thing is excellent, but if you only have 5 minutes, I’ve cued it up to the part where the little girl talks about it and then an old man with a marvelous accent talks about the miracle of being alive– watching it is like a form of meditation. Enjoy:

  3. Gratitude is something I really struggle with. I grew up in such a dysfunctional household that I really have to work on thinking positively. I love it when someone posts things like you did because it reminds me to think about what I’m grateful for.

  4. thank you for stopping by and sharing in my journey . . .
    we are blessed to be a blessing . . .

    looking forward to reading more from your journal of gratitude

  5. What a wonderful day it has been. I started to write that post on Message From God as I felt grateful for the comment left by a fellow blogger. As the day proceeded, there have only been more reasons to feel grateful. It’s a good day and thank you for stopping by. Culture counsel had its own vision and I started to have second thoughts about the feasibility of that vision. But today, those doubts are slowly being crossed. Thank you for being one of those messages

  6. Robin, thank you for stopping by Just Fuffy… I too have a gratitude journal.. it is a small notebook from St Jude’s children’s hospital in Memphis, adorned with patient art. When I am feeling not as grateful, one look at my notebook brings me back to clarity… Great blog… I’ll be around…

  7. Gratitude is endangered in our public sphere, but at least in the Midwest, it’s easy to find. Gratitude is like honesty, one of the important parts of our daily life that doesn’t make it into the headlines of popular culture. Yet, it’s like air: we can’t live good life without it. Unlike most of the things that occupy our societal minds.

  8. I’m grateful that you took the time to read my blog and “like” it. I’m grateful for the part you are playing in helping others to feel inspired. My lifelong passion and work has been to inspire and uplift others.

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