A Little More on “Yogi Philosophy” – Mystic Lesson on the Road to Meditation

Miami Metaphysical Study Group

Miami Metaphysical Study Group

Yogic Meditation is far more than just closing your eyes, regulating your breath and just sitting still quietly.  There’s actually an ancient science to the process of achieving meditation.  True meditation is a life long goal for the yoga practitioners.  To achieve a true state of meditation is an optimum goal for the yogi and is believed to take life times to reach.

The pathway to meditation consists of detailed lessons in mental concentration procedures that teach the yoga meditation student to channel his or her thoughts in one direction for long periods of time.  The restriction of the mind and concentration of a single thought for a determined period of time leads to a calmer and clearer mind.  And a crystal clear process of thought formation, which allows the student to access huge amounts of information from any targeted subject and also stored memories with their subconscious mind.

The constant practice of these concentration techniques leads the student of meditation to the door of contemplation, where he begins to have episodes of increased sensory perception which brings into play new information of the item, subject or object that is being concentrated on.  This is known as clairvoyant powers such as; psychic sight, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and telepathy.  When the concentration moves into this stage it becomes contemplation, the second major path toward meditation.

The student then takes his new ability to concentrate and contemplate to the next level by constant practice of his contemplation which leads him into a series of contemplative states of samyama.  This samyama allows him or her to formulate mental and energy patterns of those things that they are concentrating and contemplating on which brings the knowledge and similar power of that object into manifestation and deposited into the mental and physical structure of the practitioner of contemplation.  The student then performs this samyama on everything that he can, in order to gain as much psycho-mental spiritual conscious experience.  This leads him to deeper states of conscious contemplative experiences, where he begin to control the flow of mind and subtle energies within the nadis, which are the subtle nervous system of the auric structure and the chakra system which are the major points of man’s consciousness.

At this level of contemplation the student has achieved the ability of long periods of concentration which easily moves the practitioner into a highly mental sensory perception state of contemplation. Where the student begins to consciously raise the power of kundalini partially in order to go into higher spiritual states of contemplation that leads into true meditation states.

True meditation is brought about by the ability to bring about a singularity of mind without fluctuation of thought and the ability to move large quantities of mind substance and vital energies through the nadis and chakras in order to achieve a full movement of kundalini a highly concentrated vital force used by the Soul to gain higher states of consciousness through the purification of nadis and opening and synchronization of the chakras.


CD audio – Concentration, Contemplation and Meditation; lecture by Dr. George King
CD audio – The Psychic Centers – Their Significance and Development; lecture by Dr. George King


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