A Week of Parenting!

The theme of this week’s posts is parenting. As a mother of a 26 year son, 16 & 9 year daughters, 10 month old grandson, stepmother of two, and as a daughter who no longer has a mother, I have learned that parenting is …hard, rewarding, frustration, confusing, it is the best, the worst, its filled with love,  concern, anger, marvel, surprises, happiness, sadness, disappointment, greatness, anxiousness, laughter, tears, applause, hugs, tissue, disaster, A’s, F’s ,screaming, singing,clapping,  fevers, heartache, toothaches, stomachaches, vomit, broken bones, pampers, pacifiers, braces, glasses, haircuts, makeup, lies, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, celebrations, firsts, lasts, dogs, cats, bikes, cars, appointments, conferences, prayers, lessons, ribbons, trophies, teachers, doctors, coaches, texts, facebook, dates, cell phones, yes’, NO’s!..ETC, ETC.  and I would have it any other way!
How do you describe it?


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